Thought for the week

Here’s Something You Should Know

Clonliffe College is an imposing place: it reminded me of Stormont when I saw it for the first time. One-night last week, I remarked to a few parents of the Confirmation classes as we climbed the steps to the front door: ‘fifty-five years since I once set foot on these grounds.’ They were mostly women and only a handful over fifty. We had all come to Clonliffe to hear about how we might best prepare the children for Confirmation. We were close to one hundred and fifty. And they say the Church is dying!

   These parents from five parishes will venture out in the dark and the cold for the next five weeks to open for their children the topics that relate to the sacrament. They are competent, youthful and earnest about their role.

   Those who are Richard Dawkins followers might regard what we are doing is along the lines of indoctrination. They are wrong. Preparation for the sacraments nowadays is respectful of young people and their stage in life.           

Fr William