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Upcoming Events



Scripture based Adult Faith Sharing Group continues next Thursday 30th October a...



Next Saturday 1st November is the Feast of All Saints and is a Holy Day. Mass is...



The Monthly Ecumenical Lunchtime prayer takes place on Tuesday next 4th November...

Thought for the Week

There is a legend handed down from the early Church about John, the beloved disciple of Jesus. Of the twelve original apostles, only John is said to have lived to a ripe old age. In his later years, not only his body but also his eyesight and his mind began to fail him. Eventually, according to the legend, John's mind had deteriorated to the point that he could only speak five words, one sentence which he would repeat over and over. You can imagine the high regard in which the early Church must have held the last surviving apostle of Jesus. The legend says that every Lord's Day, John would be carried into the midst of the congregation that had assembled for worship in the Church at Ephesus, where John spent the last years of his life. Total silence would fall over the congregation, even though they already knew what John was going to say. Then the old man would speak the words, "My children, love one another." Over and over, he would repeat them until he grew tired from talking, and no one yawned or looked at his watch or gazed off into space absentmindedly. They listened as John preached his five-word sermon over and over: "My children, love one another." The central theme of today’s readings is the greatest commandment in the Bible, namely to love God and express that love in action by loving Him living in our neighbour. Fr David

Pastoral Challenges to the Family - Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelisation is an extraordinary document which has sent by the Vatican to all National Bishops Conferences across the world. Pope Francis is asking parishes, people, dioceses, countries to reflect on the questions and make submissions in advance of the Synod of Bishops next year. Find out more by clicking here >>

We are keen to enrol and train a new group of altar servers over the next few weeks. Those who have recently celebrated their First Communion are particularly welcome. Training for new altar servers will be provided by Josephine Bennett and Lester Barlow, who have both participated in Diocesan child safeguarding training. Parents of children, who would like to become altar servers, are invited to pick up a parental authorisation form from the parish office or the sacristy.

We urgently need volunteers for church cleaning, Web Committee, Youth Initiative Group and drivers for meals on wheels.

Find out ways in which you can be involved more in your parish!

To download a directory of all the Community Organisations and Charities in the Rathmines Area compiled by the Parish and by World Missions Ireland Click Here>>

Read a Guide to this week's Gospel here >>

Live Audio Broadcast of Services

Press the 'Play' button to hear services live from Rathmines Parish Church. (There will be no sound unless there is a mass or other service taking place).


Free Music Workshop


Invitation to all and any church, school, groups/choirs/singer/musicians that are interested - about this Monday! Promises to be a good night.

Steve Warner, Folk Choir Director at the University of Notre Dame, is offering a free music workshop in Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Harold's Cross on Monday 20th October at 7-9pm, hosted by the parish group of Harold's Cross, Mount Argus and Rathmines. All are welcome.

Music Evening HX


Mass Times

  Mon - Fri:   10.00am, 5.45pm (no evening Mass July / August )
  Sat:   10.00am, 7.00pm Vigil
  Sun:   09.00am, 11.00am,
      12.30pm, 6.00pm (Folk Mass),
      7.30pm (Taize)


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Parish Office Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 10.00am - 12noon
52 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6
Phone: 497 1531
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Parish News

Parish News Sunday 26h October 2014 Thir…

    There is a legend handed down from the early Church about John, the beloved disciple of Jesus. Of the twelve original apostles, only John is said to have lived to a ripe old age. In...

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        A professor taught Mathematics at a University for many years.  Before giving a test, the professor would admonish his class, “Today I am giving two examinations—one in trigonometry and the other in honesty.  I hope...

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        One of the most beautiful images of heaven in the scriptures is the banquet and wedding celebration which we see again in today’s gospel. The wedding banquet was one of the most joyous occasions in...

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    Today’s Gospel reminds us that we cease being either God's vineyard or the tenants of God's vineyard when we stop relating to others as loving servants. This means that before anything else, God checks on...

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