Signing the Dotted Line

15/03/2019 getonline

Signing the Dotted Line

You will see from the photograph that the contract between the parish, represented by Father William King, and the builder of the Pastoral Centre, Mr Joe Duke, has been signed. And since this signing, much work has been done on the conversion of the old parish hall into a place that will benefit the community now and in the future.

   Rathmines Parish has a rich tradition of ministering to the spiritual and temporal needs of the people in this part of Dublin. The parish was constituted six years before Catholic Emancipation; the church was founded in 1856. It has witnessed many changes in Irish society – the War of Independence; the end of British Rule and the setting up of the Irish Republic. And should you be so interested – James Joyce’s parents were married here.

    Rathmines with its redbrick clock tower and green dome of Mary Immaculate is a beautiful feature of the Dublin skyline. It has welcomed generations of young people from rural Ireland – to have a flat in Rathmines in the 1960s was to have ‘plucked the golden apples of the sun.’   Latterly, it has provided a home for students and young workers from abroad.

   The Pastoral Centre is the product of hard work and courage shown by the priests and people, who are in leadership roles especially the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council.

   We are building not just for the present but for future generations who will enjoy this amenity.

If you are in a position to help us with financial assistance, we would be delighted to hear from you. Fuller details about the project and how to subscribe are found in this website.