A Parents reflections on the Do This in Memory Program

I became involved in the Do this in Memory Programme last year as my eldest daughter, who attends the RMDS, prepared for her first Holy Communion

As parents we have a huge role to play in the formation of our children’s religious education and I think it’s fair to say even more so when you send your child to a multi-denominational school. Sometimes we may worry that we are not equipped sufficiently to do this. I personally found this programme and being part of the parent group hugely beneficial in providing me with the group support and materials to go through this journey with my daughter. The activity sheets in the THUMB book and the Grapevine provided us with a good discipline to keep us in focus throughout the year at home and lighting the candle at this time added a special touch. The programme deepened the meaning of First Communion for our whole family – for us it wasn’t just one day it was for the whole year and beyond.

For the group we met once a month to plan for the next Do this in Memory mass – it was an opportunity for us to reflect on the mass readings and prayers. And in the midst of the busy lives we lead it was an opportunity for me to take this time out and reflect on God and his teachings, the First Penance and Holy Communion sacraments. We got great support from Fr. Richard & Irene throughout the year. As part of our role we also had to get volunteers for readings etc. but it has to be said this was a very easy task as there was a great willingness from everyone to get involved. For RMDS we had email addresses for everyone participating in the First Communion class and we used this each month to update everyone on our group meeting, what the focus was for the next mass, the activity sheets that needed to be completed and a reminder of the next date. This worked very well for us.

Tonight I would encourage you to get involved in the group but for those who are unable to, please mark these key dates in the diary and make a real effort to come to the Do this in Memory masses. It was a lovely and enjoyable experience for all the communion class to come together with their families on Sunday and participate in the ceremony.

I wish you all well as you embark on a very special journey with your children this year.