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World Missions, Ireland is the working title in Ireland of the Pontifical Mission Societies, an international organisation operating in 159 countries comprising four Societies, each with a separate mission role.

World Missions, Ireland helps to support the training of priests and sisters, the building of simple churches, healthcare programmes for children and adults, schools and orphanages for young people, and provides emergency aid in times of war or natural disaster. There are four Societies that deal with this:

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith was established in France in 1822 and supports as many as 1,100 mission dioceses worldwide. Each year the Society endeavours to increase both clerical, religious and laity awareness of mission work. The Society is responsible for organising the Churches' annual universal celebration of mission – Mission Sunday – encouraging spiritual and material support for Catholic missions worldwide.

The Society of St Peter Apostle invites spiritual and financial support to assist youngmission churches in the training of their own priests, brothers and sisters. The Society, founded in France in 1889, now supports more than 26,000 seminarians as well as male and female novices in their journey of faith.

The Society of Missionary Children was established in France in 1843 and encourages
Irish children to connect with children in mission lands through the sharing of prayer and material gifts. The Society's motto – Children Helping Children – illustrates how Irish children of primary-school age can make small gestures which will help to improve the lives of other children who experience war, famine, poverty and suffering.

The Missionary Union of Priests and Religious was established in 1916 and unites clergy, religious, seminarians and catechists in helping the missionary activity of the Church by the sanctity of their lives and prayer. This Society promotes mission awareness among those involved and has been Pontifical since 1956. 
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The Pontifical Mission Societies is one of the oldest charities in Ireland and traces its history to the establishment of the Propagation of the Faith here in 1843, while the Society of the Holy Childhood was established here in 1853. They, along with the Society of St Peter Apostle have held Pontifical status since 1922. All four Pontifical Societies, including the Pontifical Mission Union, have been working under the title of World Missions, Ireland since 2009.
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You can become a benefactor of one or more of the Societies by making donations, sharing
prayer, or by volunteering.

The Irish branch of the Pontifical Missions Societies operates from its offices in the Rathmines Parish on a working-day basis.

Parishioners can get in contact with us by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by phoning (+3531) 497 2035, or by writing to us at World Missions, Ireland, 64 Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6, Ireland.