St Vincent de Paul Society

Holy Family Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul


We try, wherever we can, to help those most in need.



The conference is a group of 10/12 volunteers who try to help those in the parish with material support, friendship and the promotion of self sufficiency.


The conference has been going for many years in Rathmines and meets every 2 weeks.


The Society itself was started by the Principal founder Frederic Ozanam who was French and lived from 1813 to1853.


It started in Ireland in 1844 and is 32 County wide – there are no borders to poverty.

Most of our work is by way of home visitations, where we help principally with food vouchers and sometimes with education help and heating bills.



The best way of getting in touch with us to become a member or to avail of our services is by ringing the head office of the St. Vincent de Paul @ 01-8386990. They will in turn write out to us with details of address, etc.