Parents Reflecting on their child's baptism

My name is Geraldine Brosnan. My husband Conor and I have three children. Oisín our youngest was baptised in September and he is now eight months old. Our eldest Tadhg is four and half and our daughter Sive is two and half.

As I am sure many of you know, as the parents of three young children your lives are very busy. The day to day routine takes over and some of Oisín’s firsts can be missed. Whereas with a first child you notice every milestone by the third you may not notice the second tooth or their first words. Having seen these things happen before you know that things happen in their own good time. We know that teeth grow, crawling becomes running and gurgling becomes talking.

What we really appreciated about the baptism of each child, whether the first or third, was the affirmation of each person’s, each individual’s uniqueness: their own special value in the family, in the Christian community and before God. We experienced the baptism of Oisín as not only a celebration of new life, but a true validation of the significance of that life.

As parents, Conor and I made the decision to present Tadhg, Sive and Oisín for baptism. Of course there is the cultural aspect of baptism: the milestone, the celebration and the expected. We also wanted our children to belong to the Christian community, from here in this parish to the Church throughout the world. There is also the link to the Church as a community from its foundation to today. Most importantly we feel that baptism offers each child the opportunity to forge their own relationship with God. The sacrament of baptism is the beginning of a spiritual journey that, regardless of the choices made along the way, will last for that individual’s lifetime and beyond.

Through the moral teachings of the Church, the day to day support of the Christian community and the celebration of the sacraments we hope our children will receive the gift of Faith and a sense of belonging and belief.

                                                                                Geraldine, Conor & baby Oisín


Our lives, our marriage and our sleep have changed completely since we had Edith last June.  Every day, our love for her grows and we marvel at the miracle of life and soul unfolding before our eyes.  Presenting Edith for baptism was very special for us.  This church and this parish are very important to David and me as we were married here three years ago.  Fr. Richard, Fr. John and all the parishioners have been very welcoming of us, blow-ins to Dublin as we are!  We look forward to bringing Edith to mass here and having her feel the sense of community and faith that we both do, as she grows in body and in spirit.  The baptism was greatly enhanced by the work of the baptism team and we thank Eoin and Irma for helping us to make the day spiritually, symbolically and personally special.  On Edith’s baptism day, to be honest, I was initially mostly concerned with whether or not she would cry her way through the celebration.  Sometimes, though, she really works with me and on that lovely day in September, she took a long nap, presumably quietly taking in the spiritual day that it was and allowing me to relax and remember it all for her!  Having both of our families gathered here was a great joy for us and we are reassured that Edith has a wide extended circle of faith around her as she grows.

To David and me, Edith is perfect in every way.  On the day of her baptism, we began her journey of faith with her.  As it has with both of us, faith will surely help her to know the existence of truth and of love as she travels through life.  David and I are committed to helping Edith to grow her faith and nourish her spirituality. 

                                                                                                        Lorraine, David & baby Edith


My name is Paula and with my husband Val we would like to share our experience of being parents for the first time. With our baby Alberto everyday is a new day, a new experience. And seeing him getting stronger week after week is so amazing. When I got pregnant we felt truly blessed by this miracle. We named him after Val’s father, but unfortunately my father-in-law passed away a few weeks ago and Alberto has been out helper to get through this difficult time with his smile and love.

So when he was two months old we decided to baptize him and the main reason was to thank God for this blessing and to ask God to send his angels to watch and take care of him at all times of his life, in times of joy and difficulty. As parents we want to give him nothing but the best.

                                                                                  Paula, Val & baby Alberto