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We at Crosscare (formerly known as the Catholic Social Service Conference CSSC) have been responding to the needs of people on the margins of society since 1941. Currently we employ close to 170 staff with an annual expenditure running towards 11 million euro. Our range of programmes is diverse and we reach into areas of high need and deliver services with a commitment and passion that is unique to our organisation.

Ethos and Values

Crosscare’s ethos is based on the principle that every person is created in the image and likeness of God. This places responsibility on us in Crosscare to work to the highest possible standards while treating every person who uses our services and who works for and with us, with the utmost respect, courtesy and love.

Deriving from this principle we have four core values against which we will proof all of our activities and actions.


Every person regardless of their lifestyle, race, nationality, gender, religion, beliefs, values or sexual orientation is unique; has intrinsic worth; and is entitled to dignity, respect, well being and self-fulfilment.

Human Rights:

It is our responsibility to be aware of the rights that those who avail of our services are entitled to, and that hand in hand, with the delivery of our services, we advocate on their behalf when their rights and entitlements are being denied them.


We will honour the trust that is placed in us, by conducting ourselves with integrity in all of our activities and actions. We hold ourselves accountable to be open, honest, genuine and reliable at all times; creating a culture of fairness and integrity that we can be proud of.


To live out our ethos is to strive for excellence in everything we do. The people who avail of our services, along those of us who deliver them, are equal partners in pursuing excellence in all of our relationships and endeavours.

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