Relection on Equipes Notre Dames

About 3 years ago Emer and I attended the Sunday evening Folk Mass here and we heard someone talk about “Teams” which was described as a faith group for married couples where meetings take place in the context of a meal. At the time Emer and I felt like we were looking for something to plug into and so we decided that we were interested.

It is essentially a monthly meeting of 6 couples who are Irish, Italian, American, Spanish and Slovaks. One Italian couple left us after a year because they moved to England and about 3 months ago another Italian couple joined us bringing us back to 6 couples again. Fr. Richard joins us as well. We pray together, reflect on the Word of God together and share something of what is going on in our lives as married couples.

Around the time we joined the group I remember Emer saying that you usually only hear about support for people in marriage when the relationships are in trouble. But in the Teams we find a group that enriches us and helps keep our relationship vibrant and healthy.

At the moment we are using a book called Compassion by Henri Nouwen as one of our guides for reflection and it is interested to see how the same chapter of a book strikes different people in different ways and how sharing on it in the context of our daily lives provides the basis for us to support each other and yet challenge each other in how we live out the Gospel.

I’m a firm believer that the future of the Church is in small groups but that these groups need to be networked so that they don’t become isolated or insular. And in the broader reality of Equipe de Notre Dame is such a movement of groups, a community of communities for married couples that gives us a faith experience that enriches our lives and deepens our sense of having a vocation, of being called to marriage as our way of responding to our baptismal call to follow Jesus Christ.

Talk after communion from 12.00 pm mass on February 12th     By Andrew Fanthom

Equipes Notre-Dame

EquipesEquipes Notre-Dame is a Christian Movement for Married Couples

It is a world wide Christian movement for married couples who seek to develop their relationship with God - personally, as a couple.


We meet monthly and when we meet

  • we share a simple meal
  • pray together
  • share the highs and lows of our lives
  • discuss a study topic
  • support one another in our efforts to live out our Christian lives

The monthly gathering are at the core of the Teams life. The team members develop strong bonds of trust and friendship.

Teams was started by Fr Henri Caffarel in 1939. Since then it has spread throughout some 75 countries and there are now more than 50,000 couples in teams worldwide.

For futher information contact Anelle & Stephen Rowen via the parish office 01 497 1531