A review of the Movies That Matter Night by 2 of those who attended

This month’s Movie That Matter  was the movie ‘Millions’. It was a movie about two middle class boys whose mother had passed away not too long ago. The younger of the two is very holy and the other is not at all. One day while Damien (the youngest) was out in the garden something fell on him - a big bag of money with over £200,000 in it. Damien thought this money was a gift from God and wanted to do good with it and give it to charity and so on. But his older brother had a different approach; he wanted to keep, spend and invest it all, having persuaded Damien not to tell their father. This money attracted the attention of a lot of dangerous people, and entertained us with the decisions and dilemmas that the boys were faced with! The movie was really entertaining and has a great twist in the end.

We had lovely pizza and drinks before and during the movie, and it was a fun and relaxing night. A great chance for us to meet up, talk and socialise with people our own age.

After the movie we broke up into small groups and discussed the film. We talked about what we thought of it, what our feelings were on it and the situations faced by the two brothers. It was good to listen to other people’s opinions and different ways of thinking about it and to have a chance to voice our own. All together it was an enjoyable night and we can’t wait for next month!!

By Kelly & Serena