Salt of the Earth

The Salt of the Earth is an Adult Faith Scripture based reflection group that meets in the Baptistery of the Church on a Thursday night at 7:30pm. It is an opportunity for us as adults to explore and discuss our faith. A chance to discuss questions, issues and challenges in light of the gospel in a non-threatening, non-judgemental way. All Are welcome.

Scripture prayer Salt of the Earth

For More info contact: The Parish office on 01-4971531

Pastoral Challenges to the Family - Synod of Bishops


DIOCESAN REFLECTION PROCESS in preparation for the 2015 Synod of Bishops.

Archbishop Dermot Martin has written to all the parishes in the Diocese regarding the Synod of Bishops which will take place in October. In the course of his letter the Archbishop says,

“I write about the desire of Pope Francis that God’s people around the world should have an opportunity to make their contribution to the process of ecclesial reflection in preparation for the Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops which will take place in October next on the theme:  “The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and Contemporary World”.

“Worldwide, there was great appreciation of the fact that Pope Francis wanted to hear the sentiments of God’s people around the world on the theme of the Synod.”  

“I believe that we owe it to Pope Francis to use the opportunity – and indeed a new model of Church practice – he offers.”

The Archbishop wishes that the people of the diocese be widely consulted in advance of the Synod.  He has provided three documents, an Information Sheet, a copy of the final report of the first part of the Synod which was held last October – this document is called the Relatio Synodi – and finally a questionnaire. These documents are available for downloading below.

Parishioners are encouraged to engage with this process by reading these documents and submitting their answers and opinions through the Parish Pastoral Council where they will be gathered and forwarded to the Diocesan Office for Evangelization. Not all questions need be answered; parishioners are free to choose to answer whichever questions they wish.

Archbishop Martin concluded his letter by asking for prayers for married couples and families:

“Where possible, this process should be accompanied by the prayer of the Christian community to support married couples and families in their mission in the Church and especially those who may be experiencing difficulties”.

As requested by the Archbishop we will keep these intentions and the work of the Synod in our Prayer of the Faithful at Sunday Mass and on other occasions of community prayer.

Click the links below to read/download the documents

Letter re Process in Prep for the Synod

Relatio Sinodi

Relatio 'paraphrased' 

Questions relating to the Document

Read Rathmines Parish Response to the Synod Questions




Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelisation is  extraordinary document which has sent by the Vatican to all National Bishops Conferences across the world.

Pope Francis is asking parishes, people, dioceses, countries to reflect on the questions and make submissions in advance of the Synod of Bishops next year. Some of the questions might be difficult, and need a theological background but it is worth exploring, even as individuals, families or among small groups, and making a submission. This is the first time that the Vatican is asking Catholics around the world what we think, so it's important that that we make some kind of response.

There are 2 versions of the questions - 'Lineamenta' which is the original; and 'Pastoral Challenges' - an attempt to make the questions more friendly - for you to read over and have as a reference. Click on the links at the bottom of the page to view them.


Background to the Document and details can be found on the Dublin Diocese’s Website - and any discussion feedback or proposals can be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

As time is moving on - You can also answer the online survey prepared by the Association of Catholic Priests that simplifies the questions, either as individuals, family, friends, parish groups, whatever suits. There is a deadline of January 15th, so please spread the word, and invite others to respond also.  They will do their best to collate the results and make sure that they get to the relevant people in the Vatican, and also to our own bishops. You can take the survey now that will take about 30 minutes prepared by the Association of Catholic Priests by clicking the following link –

In Rathmines we hope to have an open discussion on this after the 15th so please watch the newsletter.

It good to have a chance to have our say!


Links to documents:




'Pastoral Challenges'




Review of - The Importance of Being Oscar

mick with cane web


 The Importance of Being Oscar

Benefit performance - 2nd May 2013

performed by Michael Judd

Micheal macLiammoir's one-man show based on the life and works of Oscar Wilde has been presented by a small number of actors in various versions since the original by macLiammoir himself at the Gate Theatre in 1960. It was more than a novelty however to see mick with mask webMichael Judd's rendition on the altar of a Catholic church in Rathmines on May 2nd last. But surely Wilde, a deathbed convert to Catholicism, would have given it his imprimatur. Ably assisted by Sinead Colreavy, and with music provided by saxophonist Brian Wynne, Mr Judd was a most warm and engaging performer with a clear love of the material, both the humour and the pathos, and the delighted audience responded in kind.

Reviewed by Karl O’Neill (Author & Actor)


Contact Michael Judd on 087-7816733 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Women's Refuge Quilt - Our Faith at Work in Our Community

    Women’s Refuge Quilt

Our Faith at work in Our Community

Said while the quilt was brought up at the offertory procession on Pentecost Sunday


Hello, my name is Lorraine and I am assistant manager in Rathmines Women’s Refuge. For our offertory today a few of the staff and women from the Refuge are bringing up a quilt that was put together by the staff, women and children of the Refuge from submissions given in by individuals, schools, groups and families in the area.

People were asked to decorate a square with something that represents “Our Faith at Work in Our Community” for them. We had over 100 squares and as you can see the results are very colourful and moving.

In the Refuge we rely on support, not only financial and practical, but also the prayers and support of the members of the community we are in. We deal with many extremely sad and tough situations on a daily basis but it is this support that brings hope and faith to all who work in and pass through the refuge.

At times situations in our lives can make us feel that we are isolated and alone, At times, through no fault of our own, we can find ourselves feeling as if we have no one to listen and no one to turn to. But as this quilt symbolises, there is a wealth of faith, hope and trust in our community, there is always someone to listen and someone to turn to – and we are never alone. Each one of us plays a part, no matter how small we may think that is, in building up a community were faith and hope are felt and real – so we all have a part to play.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the groups, schools and families in the area who took part in the Quilt and all those who continue to support the valuable work of the Refuge. I won’t mention anyone individually in case I leave any name out.

The Quilt will be taken and put on exhibition in the prayer room on the right hand side of the Church with some photos and details about the work of the Refuge and it will be there for the next two weeks. I would encourage you to take a bit of time to take a look at it.

We all, Women – Children and Staff – really enjoyed putting it together. We met and talked to people and groups who did even know where we were! It has been a great experience for us in being part of this community.

So thank you for your continued support, I would ask you to continue to keep us in your prayers and also to remember that each one of us can and do make a difference to the life, faith and hope in our community. Thank you.