Family Mass Group


“At our family mass we seek to communicate with children in a way which gives the adults also something to think about. That way children and adults can be united in a sense of wonder and respect.”



The Family Mass group comprises the main celebrant, Fr. Edmond Grace, S. J., and 8-9 lay members who are committed to organising the 11am mass as a family mass every Sunday.

This group was initiated by the parish priest, Fr. Richard Sheehy and was established about six years ago, with Fr. Edmond, S.J. as the main celebrant. Initially a family mass was held just once a month, but after a year it was decided to make it a weekly service. 

At its monthly meetings, the group reflects on how to plan the 11am mass and make the gospel and readings accessible to young children. Books, jigsaws, toys and crayons are set out in the Prayer Room for the very young, and all the children in the church are encouraged to take part in the talk about the gospel, come up to the altar for the Our Father, join in the singing (sometime even in a little ad hoc choir) and draw pictures illustrating the ideas of the talk. The group also takes responsibility for writing the prayers of the faithful.

Tea and coffee are organised after mass about once a month.


The group meets once a month on a Thursday evening.

However, not being to attend the meetings should not prevent someone from joining, as there are many ways of being involved without having to attend the meetings.


New members are always welcome. Talk to any of the priests or members of the group to find out more.

Garda clearance forms have to be completed for child protection.

If you are interested contact Fr. Edmond Grace or the parish priest, Fr. Richard Sheehy,

 or speak to the cantor Joanna Campbell Griffin, or any of the group members in evidence at the end of mass,

or contact Siobhán Donovan (01 4927878).